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Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st January 2016



Juniors - first off in the competition was Ciara on Woody and they were going great guns until a navigational error. Woody clipped a pole in the second round but all very happy.

Maisy on Lennie had an unlucky four faults in both rounds.

India had a super clear in the first round and an unfortunate 4 in the second. Everyone very pleased as all returning from their holidays and first competition of the year and India individual 9th and Maisy 10th.

Back to Sue and Maisy's newly knitted out lorry using the new catering facilities for bacon, sausages and of course cake!

Seniors - First off Rachel on Birdie - as you can imagine a lot of banter and useful advice. Birdie was very brave and as still a baby not at all phased by the crowds or upset when tipping a pole, she ploughed on and will make someone a lovely fun project.

Chris and Mac had a lovely solid couple of rounds and looked the pro we all know and love. Bryony and Reggie ....perhaps Reggie doesn't quite understand its best to leave the poles up and help mum stay on board. I'm thinking Reggie may need to redeem himself with some stunning dressage moves with those very long legs of his!

Leanne and Chico had a fab clear first round after trying to excuse himself all week with numerous bumps and lumps out of himself.

Again a very happy outing for all and a lot of laughs, bacon, sausages and cake in Rachel's lorry and all looking forward to the next team event.

Thanks to all the on ground supporters and all the fab photos - view here!

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