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We hold a variety of rallies at various venues using a wide range of instructors for all the disciplines.


We understand that we have many members in the club all at different levels of experience, so we tailor our rallies to accommodate everyone. From flatwork, pole work, show jumping and cross country we try to encompass as much variety as we can.


We also understand there are some that are new to everything or have young horses that are just beginning their riding careers, for these we have an “Intro Group” with lessons that are aimed at promoting and improving confidence and experience, we have a plethora of experienced Instructors who will guide you through your first steps over poles and onto your first jump, moving totally at a pace that you are happy and comfortable with.


A full list of rallies are  advertised on here and on our Facebook page. 


If you wish to attend a rally it is recommended that you book early to guarantee a space. You can contact any of us  via email , phone, text or on Facebook to provisionally book, then send the appropriate payment (by cheque or bank transfer), only when your payment is received will your space be reserved, we will contact you on receipt of payment to confirm your space.


If you book into a rally and at a later date cannot attend and you have given us more than two weeks notice your cheque will be destroyed (or bank transfer payment refunded) however if less than two weeks notice is given and we are unable to fill your space your cheque will be cashed. Full details of where to send payments can be found in the latest Newsletter.



Please note we would like to ask:
That you have consideration for others when attending rallies, park considerately and do not obstruct gateways or park on grassy areas (unless permission has been granted) Please observe any special instructions at venues. 
Please ensure you pick up any droppings from around lorries and parking areas. 
If you are attending a rally on your own, please make sure you have an emergency contact number easily visible on yourself or on your vehicle windscreen

Booking rallies through Paypal/Internet Banking and Cheque


I'm sure there will be rallies you wish to do and they do book up fast, email or Text 07984721325 or add a Comment to the CERC Facebook page, before you make a payment through Paypal/Internet Banking.


Details on the email should include


  • name of attendee

  • Ref. name on Paypal/Internet Banking

  • Preference of rally (& second preference), Date and time 

  • mobile number 

We will confirm there is a space (or not) within a specified period. Once you receive confirmation, you have 48 hours to make your payment through Paypal/Internet Banking/cheque before the space becomes free again. 


BACs details

Lloyds - Chippenham Branch

Sort code - 309199

Account number - 02675964


If paying via Paypal PLEASE select 'friends and family' so that the club does not incur an extra charge with your payment

Please follow the above rules so no one is disappointed.


Thank you


from The Committee

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