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CERC had a lovely weekend with the Juniors in Lincoln. Gemma Barber and Mr Toby, Ciara MCdonagh and Woody, India Duke and Bea and Maisy Cursham and Lennie did our club proud.


I was lucky enough to be asked to write for the style jumping judge on the Saturday so managed to gain lots of tips which I could share over the camp fire, we arranged the lorries, trailers and car around the tent so we looked like something out of the wild frontier warding off the Indians.


Camping on the coldest night of the year was challenging for the hardy and we needed thawing out on the Sunday. Chris Clark volunteered her weekend time to accompany us and acted as chief groom and was invaluable and I know everybody appreciated her help, she tried to shut me up when our riders went round but rather failed on this one!


Sue Cursham, Carol Mcdonagh, Andy Barber & Suzanne Duke were fantastic company and brought so much food we struggled to make a dent in supplies. The winner of the cake competition was closely fought and Carol pipped Chris this time with her Lime drizzle cake, I know Chris will come back fighting for the crown.


India was in the ribbons and we were so close to everybody receiving a ribbon in the team style (11th). Everybody jumped out of their skins and represented their club with great gusto and I was the most proud Team Manager in the whole show ground.


We are already thinking of next year so to qualify you have to compete so please come forward as we want seniors and juniors next year and I want to stay in a lovely hotel (camping in the cold did me in!!!).


Roll on 2016!!! - Caroline Rich

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